Although there are many software’s available for Seo, here is my favourite list of software’s that most of the marketers including myself use almost regularly to achieve their SEO goals.

1. Google Adwords Planner


This is one of the most used tools because it is the only tool that provides the base data for keyword research. All other tools source their data from it. Although it is not very sleek and user-friendly, it is the main and only source of Google keyword data around there.

2. GSA search engine ranker


This software was a major hit since it came out, and it outranks scrabebox, which was the early favourite in the market. The primary quality of GSA is its power of creating automated backlinks on various sites with ease. It can also search Google to find out its target that is a unique capability available in its kind of software.

3. Traffic Travis

Although there are many software out there for keyword research, I find traffic Travis to be the most used and user-friendly software for keyword research around there. Its professional version costs around $ 97, and the free version is also available. You can use course available on websites to get it at around $ 40.

4. Market Samurai

It is also a keyword software that gives you various data about search engine rankings and helps you in ranking your website. It costs around $ 97 for a one-time fee. You can use it as a trial version with free email and register it again and again if you don’t have the money for it.

5. FCS Networker

It is a must have Web 2.0 creating software. If you want to create a large amount of Web 2.0’s for your website or your clients, then you can’t do it successfully without FCS Networker. It costs around $ 27 for a month if you are using the starter version which enables you to create 3000 blogs per month.

6. Scrapebox

SB is not as useful as it was before but for 57 dollars one-time fee, it’s a must have. You can scrape thousand is a website using it and use it on any software of your choices like GSA or FCS Networker. It has various other sub tools like alive web site check, image downloader, domain checker et cetera. It is called the Swiss knife which should be in every Seo’s pocket.

7. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is one of the most used backlink analysis tools that has its own index and costs around $ 79 per month. Ahrefs with Majestic and Moz is the troika that you need to analyse backlinks effectively. If you are finding aged quality domains, then you can’t do without Ahrefs.

8. Majestic Seo

Along with ahrefs, this plays a key role in finding good quality aged domains as well as good backlink sources. It is well-known citation flow and trust flow are the market leaders of making quality indexes.

9. The best spinner


Although spinning is not encouraged at this age, many use it to create, very good quality manual spun articles that can be used to create backlinks as well as increase your website’s content. It costs around $ 37 per year with the coupon. You can find various websites to get the coupon.

10. Dragon NaturallySpeaking


It is not an SEO software but without it, you cannot do Seo properly. It helps in creating a large amount of data within a short period of time. You just need a good microphone, but you can use cheap ones that are available at 10-12$ in the market.