There are huge number of programs that are very useful and can be used with Windows but in this list I’m going to provide you only those which are useful to you and can make your Windows experience better. I have prepared this list from my personal experience and usage of Windows. Make sure to use them on a Virtual PC before adding them to your main Windows Installation.

Microsoft Excel


Excel is a really powerful software. You can use it for any amount of data storage with ease. It is mainly used for Excel sheets, but it has loads of other features like charts, formulas et cetera. You can also download Excel 2013 full version for free on various websites.

Opera browser

Opera is a really cool browser that is built on the Chromium platform. Comparing to other browsers like Microsoft Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, it has the capability of handling a large number of tabs opened at the same time.

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is awesome because it has loads of add-ons that come in handy in doing any work. It is my oldest browser, and I love it due to its efficiency and usability.

Notepad plus plus

The notepad that comes with Windows is quite boring and featureless, notepad plus plus adds the extra features while keeping the simple and swooping format that we love. You can download notepad plus plus from the official website anytime, and it’s also free.

Wise Memory Optimizer


Wise Memory Optimizer is a great software to keep your memory in check and make your Windows not use all the memory at the same time. From my personal experience, it has reduced hangs on Windows to less than 10% of what it was before installing it. It’s also free and can be downloaded anytime.


Evernote is a cool tool to make note’s and saves them to view later. It can be added to your mobile, windows, tablet or any other device that you may have. It also has a web clipper to say various information from the web directly into Evernote.


CCleaner cleans up your Windows anytime that you want. It can clean all the data that cannot be cleansed using the simple recycle bin. Piriform provides CCleaner for free, but it also has a professional version that is paid.

gyazo screen capture tool

gyazo is a nice tool to capture screens at any time and upload them to the web. Just install gyazo and click the screen capture tool, select any place that you want to make a screenshot of and that’s it.

Win automation

Win automation is a really helpful tool to get thousands of repeated tasks done in few minutes. It does have a trial version for 30 days, but you can find the full version on various forums and torrent websites.


Did you like my list? Or do you want to add any new program that you have used on your Windows installation? Mail us or contact us via our contact us page, you can also comment below to share your suggestions.